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How Frequently Should You Email Your List, Blog, Tweet, or Update Your Facebook Page?

What are the best days to send my email newsletter?  How many times a week should I blog?  How many Twitter updates are too many Twitter updates?  Should I repost a status update?  These are questions

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Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Action Plan to Keep Your Client Pipeline Full

What’s the biggest issue small business owners have with marketing?  Paying attention to marketing tasks when they’re trying to run their business.  So many times marketing falls to the wayside,

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How to Get 95% of Your Clients from Internet Marketing

I’ve had an online business since 1999, and I started it from my rural, East Texas hometown where the reigning industries are bass fishing, forestry and timber, banking, and education, none of which

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7 Reasons Why an Online Business is the PERFECT Business for Introverts

I recently realized that much of my 1970’s childhood upbringing both enhanced my natural tendency toward introversion and prepared me to own a virtual online business.  I grew up out in the country,

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How to Create Your Target Market Profile

Much has been written on how to locate and define your target market.  However, there is a problem with this process. Once you have defined that target market, you’re probably completely overwhelmed

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