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Can Entrepreneurs Be a Good Spouse/Partner?

I wrote last week that I was playing the Millionaire Money Game.  If you didn’t choose to take me up on my invitation to play, here’s how it works:  twice a week the Bank of the Universe emails you to tell you the amount of your deposit into your bank account.  As the weeks progress, the amounts get substantially larger.

Now, of course, this is only a game, and the money isn’t real, but the point of the game is to increase one’s prosperity consciousness.

Innatchuron One of my first "ah-ha’s" was both amusing and rather sad.  For the second deposit of the week, $2000, I decided I needed a really nice vacation and decided I wanted to go to the California wine country near Temecula and spend the week at this wonderful French style bed and breakfast at one of the wineries there, the Inn at Churon Winery.  I planned out my entire itinerary while there and when finished, actually felt as though I’d been on vacation.

One of my coaching colleagues is hosting a weekly teleclass for those of us participating in this project.  One of the other participants mentioned how she had always wanted to go to this craft school in North Carolina, so with her $2000, she decided to take her sister with her for a wonderful week at the school.

It was then that I realized something–I could have planned to take someone with me on my vacation, and the thought hadn’t even entered my mind. I guess I’m so used to being single and doing things by myself now that I forget that there’s any other way.  That’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it?? LOL

However, I began to wonder if that omission had deeper implications–that I really didn’t want to be in any kind of relationship, and if I did, would it follow my entrepreneurial leanings in that it becomes something I don’t remain committed to because I get bored so easily and move on to the next thing?

Do entrepreneurs make good spouses or significant others?  Look at master entrepreneur Donald Trump, who seems to change women like I change underwear..<g>.  What’s your take on this–do entrepreneurs make good relationship partners/spouses?

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