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Your 10-Step Year-End Web Site Review

Your 10-Step Year-End Web Site Review

The close of another year is upon us, and with that comes your year-end website review. Wait, you are doing an annual review, right? Failing to take a few minutes to review your website at the end of the year can result in your visitors seeing something like “Copyright 2013” on your site. I know […]

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Recurring Income Tips: 10 Examples of Continuity Income in a Service-Based Business

Tired of the day-to-day struggle of chasing one client to the next? Want a better way to run your business that enables you to better predict your monthly income? One of the best ways to stabilize your income when you’re a self-employed service professional is to create a monthly recurring source of income for yourself, […]

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Nix New Year's Resolutions

The Best New Year Business Resolution is NO Resolution

I’m the world’s worst at New Year’s resolutions.  My effort at making resolutions is best summed up by Mark Twain, “New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”  As a business owner, however, I see the new […]

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Planning the Old School Way

If you read last week’s ezine, you know that I participated in Gina Bell’s and Stephanie Pollock’s program, She Planned It, to help me plan out my 2014. I’ll write more about my “ah-has” from that planning process in another post.  One of the things that Stephanie talked about was her sticky note process, and […]

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Business Planning: Your 17-Point New Year’s Business Inventory and Cleanup

New Year’s purging, whether it’s physical, electronic, or mental, helps you wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The act of removing clutter from your workspace or cleaning your business of what’s no longer working leaves you free to focus on what remains. Much of what’s left is not physical, however. Like me, many online […]

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