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Chefography–Bios of TV Celebrity Chefs

I love, love, love the new Food Network series, Chefography.  It takes you behind the camera in the lives oChefography f Food Network’s celebrity chefs and introduces you to their lives, their families, their successes, and their failures. It’s really easy to watch a television program and forget the 5, 10, 15, or 20 years it took to work your way up the ladder to become an "overnight success."

I loved the show on Emeril Lagasse, even though he’s not one of my fav chefs on the network.  What enthralled me about Emeril’s story is his entrepreneurial bent.  He went from being a chef at one of New Orleans’ leading restaurants to opening his own restaurant (and he’s still opening them), writing and selling cookbooks, creating his own line of food to creating his own line of kitchen ware, creating his own website selling all of his wares, to becoming a shareholder (I think) in a farm.  Emeril is living proof of finding your passion and making the most of it.

Tonight I watched the show about Giada De Laurentis, who is one of my favs on the network.  Giada is so beautiful and appears so open and friendly, and I would have NEVER guessed how shy she was and how much she hated doing Everyday Italian in the beginning because she was so uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Now, she makes it look so easy and effortless.  The episode clearly shows how painful it was for her in clips of the early episodes, and Giada relates that doing the show helped her tremendously.

I love to watch shows like this that I find so inspirational and motivating –people living and breathing their passion and profiting from their brilliance.  Makes me want to create something similar for solo entrepreneurs …:)

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