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How to Get More Clients Online

Q:  Where and how is the best way to market online for clients?

Trish Donmall

A:  Hey Trish — I see from your email address that you run a Virtual Assistant practice. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you get started in your online marketing efforts:

1.  Choose a target market and your niche.  It’s helpful when you’re marketing online to have information about what makes your target market tick, as well as how you can best help this target market.  If you’re a newbie in the industry, you may not yet know the answer to any of those questions, so think back to past employment experiences and see if that will help you figure out the answers to these questions. The more narrowly focused your target market, the better job you’ll od of attracting them.

2.  Speak to your target market on your web site.  People do business with other people, and toward that end, it’s important that they know a bit about you.  Put your photo and your bio on your site, and use your home page to have a conversation with prospects where you outline the benefits of working with you, and how they will miss out if they don’t choose to work with you.

3.  Fish where the fish are.  Find out where your target market hangs out online — in online or email discussion groups or forums, in associations, social networking sites, as well as finding out what they read — ezines, print magazines, web TV shows, podcasts, etc.  Become the overnight sensation in this industry by learning everything you can about the industry and hanging out where they hang out.  Then, add to their discussions by sharing what you know in their forums, ezines, magazines, etc.

4.  Incentivize them.  Give prospects an incentive to get on an email list.  Create a captivating client attraction device (ebook, video, ecourse, etc.) that answers a pressing problem that they have, and offer it to them in return for joining your email list.

5.  Stay in touch.  Now that you have prospects on your list, send them regular blog posts, or start an email newsletter (ezine) to stay in touch with them so that you stay top of mind when they decide to seek the solution that you offer for the pain they are experiencing.

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