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Let Us Help You During Shameless Self-Promotion Month

In honor of Shameless Self-Promotion Month, several members and online business experts at banded together to create new and amazing business development gifts for you.  They include

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Meet my New Online Business Manager

Wow, I’ve been completely immersed in the materials from the Membership Site Bootcamp Coaching program!  I’ve taken so many notes that I’m already overwhelmed!

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An Amazing Retreat

The virtual business retreat that I created and participated in with members of my MasterMind Group went exceptionally well last Thursday and Friday.  Two of the participants had to pull out at the

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Giver’s Gain as Chief Brainstorm Officer

That’s the title I’m giving myself this week, as I’ve been quite the brainstormer.  Not for myself, you understand, but for one client and one colleague.  I’ll tell you

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