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My New Computer Monitor is Making Me Sick

Yesterday I felt like death warmed over.  I was really tired and very nauseated.  I had just installed my new HP 23″ LED monitor and it was really, really bright.  However, I took a nap yesterday and felt so much better, so I just assumed I felt bad due to lack of sleep.

However, after Eric and I went to eat dinner, I came back into my office to check on a few things, and within 30 minutes felt really horrible again.  I did some quick online research and the general advice was to turn down the brightness and contrast.  I did both, reducing both to 40%.

Within 20 minutes, I began to feel better.  The glare isn’t killing my eyes (I thought I was going to have to wear sunglasses with this new screen!) and I’m no longer feeling nauseated.

Who knew?  I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before.  My assistant mentioned having to get computer anti-glare glasses because working for long periods makes her feel the same way.

Has anyone experienced symptoms like these with a large LED monitor?

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