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Content Marketing: 10 Ways to Dominate Your Niche Through Content Syndication

Content Marketing:  10 Ways to Dominate Your Niche Through Content SyndicationThere’s a little-known secret in the area of content marketing that is only recently getting a great deal of attention — content syndication. Many people simply write an article for their ezine or blog and they don’t do anything else with that piece of content.  However, content is king in online marketing, especially well-written content that answers a commonly-held problem by your target market.

Content syndication refers to multiple ways to get your content out online so that your target market can read it where they are and in the format that they prefer. This is a key element of content marketing.  I’ve often referred to this as repurposing your content, although in content syndication, the information itself doesn’t change — it’s just delivered in a different format.  In repurposing your content, you may often combine pieces of content to something new — a membership site, an ebook, a home study course, etc.

Here are my 10 ways of syndicating each piece of content that I write in my content syndication plan:

1.  Write an article.  Yep, it all starts with creating a piece of content.  Since writing is my talent, I start with a written piece of content, but you could just as easily start with a video or audio if you speak better than you write.  My favorite way to write an article is to write a tips article, just like this one.  It’s a format that is easily read online and easy to repurpose for content syndication.

2.  Publish article in ezine.  Even though ezines are much-maligned and the average open rate has dropped to around 20%, I still believe that a weekly ezine is a very viable way to stay in touch with your target market. In addition to your primary article, also include an informal and newsy note about what you are doing in your life or business, and include a marketing call to action, as well.

3.  Publish article on blog.  Because I want to create conversations about what I write, I link the article in my newsletter to my blog.  I publish only the initial portion of the article in my ezine, and then my readers need to go to my blog to finish it.  So, now rather than emailing me about their reactions to my article, my readers most often comment about the article on my blog, where I can begin building the Like, Know and Trust factor with them.

4.  Repost the blog content on social networks.  I have my blog hooked to Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, so every blog article is automatically reposted on these three networks.  My newsletter is also connected to Twitter and Facebook, so it is automatically posted on those two networking sites when I publish an issue.

5.  Submit article to article directories.  Because I want my article to gain traction on my own sites before sending it elsewhere online, I wait a few weeks before submitting this article to article directories.  I use a service that does this automatically for me,  Once you set up your account, the submission process takes only about 10 minutes and makes for simple content syndication.

6.  Submit article to specific target market publications.  Many publications read by your target market may not subscribe to any sites that distribute content.  Instead, you have to research those publications and submit to those individually, keeping in mind their editorial calendar and determining if your content fits that schedule.  You may also have to tweak your article slightly, as many will not publish a previously printed article.

7.  Record article and submit as podcast. iTunes is still one of the hottest ways for your target market to get your content, and the number of downloads from that site increase daily. It’s easy to record your content as an audio and then distribute it as a podcast to various podcast directories, including iTunes.

8.  Create Powerpoint presentation and post as slideshow.  Tips articles are ideal for making into simple Powerpoint presentations, as each numbered point of your article easily lends itself to a slide.  You can create a presentation with a music soundtrack or with a voiceover, but the slide sharing sites still seem to work best without the audio component.

9.  Create a viral PDF doc and post on document sharing sites.  Create a Word template to use when you format your articles for distribution via document sharing sites.  Include some biographical information about you and your business as well as a promotional section where you have a call to action.  That call to action could be a special price on a product or service that you offer, an invitation to sign up on your email list, or an offer for a complimentary consultation.  Encourage your readers to freely pass along the document to their friends and colleagues.

10.  Create video and post on video sites.  Once you have a presentation and an audio created of your content, it’s pretty easy to put the two together to create a video.  This video can then be submitted to various video sites and will drive traffic back to your site from the call to action you have embedded in the video.

Take Action Strategy

Don’t let you content gather dust on your hard drive.  Make it work for you time and time again by employing these simple content syndication strategies to boost your content marketing efforts.

You’re welcome to use this article on your web site, blog or in your ezine if you include this blurb in its entirety, without modification:

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  • Jennifer Bourn says:

    Donna – All of these are great ways to get your content out there for people to see and consume … after all, if no one knows you exist, they can’t hire you!

  • Sue Painter says:

    Yes! Great tips, well shared. Appreciate you, Donna.

  • What a fabulous list for leveraging your time and efforts and making the most of your content rich ideas!

  • Anonymous says:

     I love how you lay out the excellent information that you share with your readers and followers.  You add ALL of the steps, rather than a cat and mouse game, give me right arm and leg, and I will share the rest of the tips with you kind of mindset. In other words, you are the real deal Donna.

  • Hello Donna, just got off your webinar with Cindy. Syndication is really the way to leverage your content. For Facebook, it appears to be best to post a link to your blog post manually, because Facebook will not relay automated links to your page or wall. And I love the simple way to create a video from PowerPoint and audio. Created a quick video how to do that even without screen capture software here:
    Thanks again for the tips!

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