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Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop SearchI used to be a big fan of Google Desktop until Google decided to do away with it and stop supporting it. More and more I’ve discovered that it just wasn’t working for me. So, I went on the hunt for a replacement and rediscovered an old friend.

Copernic Desktop Search  is a computer search program that I used before Google Desktop came along. Now, as Google Desktop is discontinued, Copernic is still here, strong as ever. Simply install this search tool on your computer or laptop to search your computer’s content (Word, Excel, emails, PDF, text, Zip files and many more). Copernic instantly finds the information stored on your computer and displays search results by category.

After you install it, Copernic Desktop Search indexes the contents of your PC. This process can take a while–it took several hours on my computer–but you have to do it only once. When it’s done, it allows for much speedier searches than a non-indexed desktop search utility, like the one built in to Windows. Results appear within seconds of typing your keyword into the Copernic search bar.

A search column on the left-hand side allows simple keyword queries and more refined searches based on file size, date, file type, or folder. Easy-to-read icons at the top of the screen let you limit searches by category, such as stored HTML pages, email, and videos. The program is lightning-quick, displaying results as fast as you can type.

I especially like the Copernic Deskbar, a search window that appears in the Windows Taskbar and makes quick queries very handy. Copernic comes with optional search toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The Home Version is free to download and use. They also offer Professional and Corporate versions for a fee. The primary benefits of the Corporate version are the ability to search appointments, tasks and notes in Outlook and the ability to search external drives. The Corporate Version lets you search on client computers and searches Lotus Notes.

Index and search your desktop now.

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