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Copyright Protection of Images on Your Website

Do you have permission to use the images on your website?  This was an important question that was asked this weekend when I attended the eWomenNetwork Publishing Conference in Dallas.  Attorney Francine Ward conducted an amazing workshop on intellectual property and copyright issues.  Her Staying Legal Guide was so popular that it sold out.

I had occasion to think about these issues this morning when a former client contacted me and said that Getty Images wanted about $2500 for using the unauthorized use of their images on the client’s website.  I had helped with the design of the site, but the client had put the images on the site after my involvement, fortunately.  What’s bad for the client is that the client used images from the old website, and apparently the first site designer had not paid to for the authorized use of these images. The client wasn’t aware of this and just found the images on her computer and used them when she was updating the site recently.

This was a great lesson for me — to ask for the source of the images before using them in print, PowerPoint presentations, website design, etc. and ensure that permission is given or licensing fees are paid.  Even though I may simply be using what the client is giving me, I learned that ignorance is no excuse, and that I, too, could be held liable in this case.

Don’t needlessly subject yourself to risk — make sure all of your legal I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  Or, buy Francine’s guide.  I just did..:)

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