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Creating and Managing Affiliate Programs

Q:  Hi Donna. I want to set up an affiliate scheme whereby once clients are directed to my site there is a little bit of interaction with them before the sale takes place. (Each order will be unique and based on the client's needs). So I won't know what the final order value will be until it's all agreed with the client. Is there a way of automating this? i.e. Is there a way of setting it up so that the affiliate member can still log on and see how many leads converted to a sale?

Andy Cripps

A:  Hi Andy–

I'm not quite sure I'm completely following you, so I'm going to give it my best shot.;)  To manage affiliate programs, I highly recommend

This service is a combination shopping cart, digital delivery system, autoresponder, affiliate program manager, and ad tracker.  You set up each of your products or services in the shopping cart and place the info on your web pages.  It is in the product description is where you set up the amount or percentage of affiliate commission. 

Then you go into the affiliate module and can set up various affiliate programs.  You can set up the program so that your affiliates send visitors to your home page, and the program will track all of their purchases, regardless of what they purchase, as long as the items are set up in your shopping cart.  Or, you can set up the program so that your affiliates send visitors to your various product or service pages.  The choice is yours.

It does take a bit of time to set up the back end of this system, but once it's set up, it works seamlessly and your visitors have little idea that they're being sent via an affiliate link.

Good luck in your sales!

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