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Dealing with Less Than Positive Feedback

So, what happens when you get a message that’s not very positive?  It’s a great blow to the ego, for sure, and sometimes takes me out of the game for a bit.  Alas, I do suffer from Oprah’s "disease to please" syndrome from time to time.

As you may know, I offer a free gift on my website and blog in return for signing up for my email list.  Once someone requests that, I have a series of autoresponders that go out to keep in touch with each prospect.

Here’s an email I received today in response to one of the autoresponders:

I found the product to be informative and a valuable resource for the first
half, but I must say I found many of the links from page 32 onwards to be
useless. Rather than being an index of resources, a direction for where to go
next, it seemed to be promoting a lot of businesses that were forced into
relevance. My humble opinion is that it destroyed the trust I had placed in you
as an independent advisor, I now feel that whatever information of yours I might
read would be tainted by whomever’s product/service you were promoting rather
than unbiassed advice.

I hope you don’t find this harsh, I thought you might appreciate some
honest feedback. And please note, the first part of the document is pure

It wasn’t all negative, to be sure, but I have to admit that feedback like this still kicks me a bit in the gut to this day.  How should you react to something like this?  Ignore it?  Send a flaming email in response and tell them that they’re crazy for thinking like they do?  Kindly thank them for their input and dismiss the comment?  Realize that there might be a grain of truth to the comment?

If I’m honest, I know that there’s a grain of truth in this comment — and that is that I need to update the resources section of the ebook, as well as give a clearer direction as to the next step someone should take.

Here’s how I responded:

Thanks for your honesty for the latter portion of the doc.  I’ll be the first to
admit that section needs to be updated, as I have found some new resources that
better serve my needs. That revision task is part of the marketing plan for a
new website that is currently under development.

When the new doc is
available, I’ll email you and let you know how to download the updated

In terms of my recommendations of resources, I stand behind those
100%.  These are all tools and resources I have used in my business.  I seldom
make a recommendation for something with which I have no experience.  Since I
get so many questions asking me how to do something or what I use, I created the
list as a quick reference point for those kinds of questions.  So, yes, the list
is biased — by my experience..:)

I’m sorry that you’ve lost all trust
in my advice and recommendations, but I do wish you well in your



How did I do?  Would you have done something differently?   How do you handle this kind of feedback?  Inquiring minds want to know..;->

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