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Category Archives for Ask Donna Gunter

How do I Start Publishing an Ezine?

Q:  Hi Donna–I am starting an opt-in newsletter and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this.  What technology is best to simplify the process?  I  have looked at

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How Do I Make My Website “Sticky”?

Q: I was taking a look at my website stats. I was horrified.  I’ve gotten over 30k hits this month and they’re leaving from the blog and my home page.  No sales, no ezine subscribers,

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Converting Prospects to Customers

Q:  What is the best and simplest way to convert prospects on your list into clients? Robin Stephens, Professional OrganizerYour Life In Order A:  Wow, Robin, what a powerful question! 

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How to Submit My Articles?

Q:  I read an article from that you created. The article "How to write articles that increase your traffic to your website" is just what I was looking for. I am interested

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Benefits vs Features?

Q:  I just visited your web site and saw your lists of article topics.  This list should be benefits-oriented if possible. Charles Masterson A:  Hi Charles– Normally I might agree. 

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