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Category Archives for Ask Donna Gunter

Best Hosting Site for a New Blog

Q:  What’s the best hosting site for a new blog? Amy A:  Hi Amy! I recommend a WordPress installation on   Bluehost makes it VERY easy to install WP with their Simple Script installation

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How to Change a Twitter Profile Photo

Q:  I enjoyed your article on twitter and was just wondering if you know how to change a twitter profile photo. I haven’t figured out how to and would like to update to a more recent photo. I

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Appealing to emotions in the sales process

Q:  I know that most sales result from the following: 29% for rational reasons (material needs) 71% for emotional reasons Because it seems that most sales are based on emotional reasons, how can I determine

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Hiring someone to help me with my Internet marketing

Q:  I was wondering if you would suggest hiring an internet marketer to do everything you are teaching on your membership site.  In other words, how could I find someone who

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Struggling to Market my Child Safety Products

Q:  I have been involved in child safety for over 10 years and have incredible products and blogs.  I work with a couple big name organizations that love my stuff but can’t seem to get past those two. 

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