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Category Archives for Ask Donna Gunter

Getting links from video and article submissions

Q:  I'm writing and submitting lots of articles and submitting videos to build links, but I'm only gaining a small fraction of that in links that are found by Google or Yahoo… Why

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How to Brand Myself on a Limited Budget

Q:  How can I brand myself on a limited budget? Bob A:  Hi Bob– You're definitely in the right industry (writing) to help brand yourself pretty easily. Here

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Need help with list creation in aWeber

Q:  I see that you use aWeber for your ezine.  I'm trying to create a giveaway that is available for download on my site.  When someone signs up for the giveaway, they're added

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Seeking a new conference call service

Q  We have been using for our conference calling service. Over the course of years, we are not completely happy with their service and are searching for a better service.

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How to Attract Clients to My African Tour Web Site

Q:  We have come up with a tour company that I am really hoping to see it grow into a multi-million company. The company is situated in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. I would like you to advise me

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