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Category Archives for Ask Donna Gunter

Help in building a video landing page

Help in building a video landing page Q:  I'm looking for someone who can help me with building a video landing page. Sam Micco A:  Hi Sam — For one-time projects like this that can't

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Best Ways to Find Your Target Market

Q:  What would be the best, most productive ways to find, and target, my niche market?  Susan A:  Hi Susan — First, you need to determine what you can offer and then describe your

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An Alternative to

Q:  What happened to the great keyword site you recommended called, mentioned here in a 2008 issue of your ezine?   It's gone. Do you have another free keyword site you

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How Do I Get More Clients?

Q:  I retired from the Fed Gov't last year and started a consulting business, both are in-person & online. I am trying to generate income & see the potential. I really enjoy reading

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Finding free articles for my newsletter

Q:  How do I find other articles to add to a newsletter? I would write one article, but would like to include other content. Is there a site for free articles? RandyJack Quinn Solutions Hi Randy– Great

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