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How to Get Others to Sell My Ebook

This week on at, there was a question about how to sell the copyright of an ebook and have the copyright holders sell the ebook: Q:  If I write an ebook but don’t want to personally

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Selling Ebooks

Q: My single biggest question is: How in the heck do I sell my new ebook…is there a company that can help me do it? Lee Cummings A:  Hi Lee– As far as I know, there isn’t a company

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Ebooks and Autoresponders

Q.  What company do you use to create your ebooks?  Autoresponders? Arlene A:  Hi Arlene– I had to check out your website–you’ve done a great

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How to Sell and Market Your Ebook in 10 Easy Steps

Electronic books, or ebooks, are one of the quickest ways to make yourself an infopreneur, or someone who makes money by selling information. As a service business owner, it’s also a simple way

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I’ve Finally Completed the Big Ebook!

Well, it’s 3 months overdue, but I’m in the final stages of editing my ebook, Get More Clients Online:  How to Get 95% of Your Clients from Internet Marketing. It’ll be available

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