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Free email marketing service

Q:  I am looking for a free e-zine site that contains automatic subscription sign ups,counts click throughs and can be set up to look like a website. I subscribed to Yahoo Groups but thet don't

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Ezine for Wedding Planners

Q: I'm starting a new business and I'm not exactly sure if I can use an ezine.  It is a wedding planning business. Cathy A:  Hi Cathy– An ezine is a great marketing tool. regardless

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Blog or newsletter?

Q:  A blog versus a newsletter? Which should I start? Bob Deneen A:  Hi Bob– I actually still prefer both, although many people have given up on email newsletters.  Print newsletters,

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Finding reliable email newsletter providers

Q:  Which companies are the most reliable email-newsletter providers out there? (those used by daily email-newsletter publishers and Santiago Vega A: 

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Online Marketing to Prospects: 6 Secrets to Ensure Your Prospect Well Never Runs Dry

by Donna Gunter, The Online Biz Resource Queen (TM) Many service business owners, once they become busy working with current clients, no longer make the time to market their businesses.  It's

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