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Finding my target market

Q:  Who could be the target client for online VA and IT support services?


A:  Hi Soha — Almost any small business owner could be the target for VA (virtual assistant) or IT (information technology or computer) support services.  The key to success in providing either of these support services is to decide to specialize in a target market, like coaches, financial planners, attorneys, etc., and then become familiar with the problems, issues, and concerns of that target market so that you can market your services to fulfill some of those needs.  Additionally, you need to assess your skill bank and what you like to do so that you enjoy providing the kind service to this target market.

I’ll use my business as an example.  I started a virtual assistant biz in 1999 providing broad administrative assistance (secretarial and clerical tasks) to my clients.  I quickly discovered that these things bored me out of my mind, and what I enjoyed most was helping clients with marketing. Moreover, I discovered that my background in higher education administration was a perfect paring for targeting the personal and business coaching community.  As I got deeper into the marketing field, what I most enjoyed was helping clients with their online and Internet marketing.  Fast forward to 2008 and now a segment of my business provides online business management to select coaches and consultants.  If a client is seeking more general administrative services, I either work in concert with another VA that the client has chosen, or simply refer the client out, as I don’t provide those services.

Here’s an article from the blog that may help you in figuring out your target market: How to Find Your Niche, Determine Your Ideal Client, and Target Your Market.

If you need additional help, I suggest you check out the resources
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Thanks for asking!

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