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I just found out that my application to partner with Ainsley & Allen Publishing has been accepted, and I'm
quite excited by the opportunities!

What does this mean for you? It means that I am able to choose successful business owners to be featured in the new book series, Expert Profiles: Conversations with Influencers and Innovators.

Why apply? Being featured in a book or magazine is one of the most effective ways to market your business. You can promote this accomplishment on your website, on social media, email newsletter, autoresponder series, in media releases, in your bio -- the sky is the limit!  If you have been seeking a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, being featured in this book is the way to go!

How does it work? First you have to apply and I review your application. If accepted, I'll send you a list of interview questions, specifically designed to highlight you and your business, that you will want to review prior to the interview. Then, we'll schedule your interview. The interview will be transcribed, edited, and sent to you for your approval. You will return the interview with your approval and a signed publishing agreement, which will we provide. Upon approval, it will then go to the book editor, where it will be included in the latest edition of the series. The book will be published in print and eBook formats on

Is there a fee to participate? Yes, like most things in business that have value, there is a fee to participate. Your investment is $497. You will receive 10 print copies of the book, as well as a PDF of the book that you can distribute as you like. You will also get wholesale pricing for additional copies of the print book. Your interview will also be featured on my radio show, Main Street Mavericks, and will be syndicated via the iHeartRadio network. You'll also receive an mp3 download of the show that you can use/feature on your media page, or as your audio demo reel. The book will be available for sale on as a print book and eBook. No royalties will be paid on book sales.

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