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Getting past the winter blahs

I hate the winter
months, the cold weather, and the reduced amount of daylight during this time of
year.  I'm not sure how I survived living in Massachusetts for 11 years,
where it seemed to be cold for about half the year.  I guess it must've
been my youth that helped me function at the time..:)

As I've gotten
older, I've discovered that I function so much better in warmth and sunshine and
daylight.  If I could only find a location that would afford me breezy
Texas fall-like days year-round (low humidity, about 70 degrees during the day
and in the 50s-60s at night),  I'd be a happy girl. Any location
suggestions happily welcomed..;->

In the meantime,
I grit my teeth and bear it until late February or so, when we begin to see
signs of spring.  Now I'm off to bundle up — the forecast calls for
possible snow and sleet here today.  That'll be an experience — we haven't
had snow here in I don't know how many years..LOL

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