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Getting Local Clients

Q:  I run a personal errand/concierge service and have been very  successful in getting my name out there and have lots of great press. I have over 100 clients that I have services in the past 3 years, however, most are not steady which is what I want and need. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to attract more clients immediately?


A:   Hi Jackie–

As an online business coach, I’m going to make a couple of
recommendations that are NOT Internet marketing related <g> (surprisingly
enough), but I think these suggestions might getting quicker results for

1.  How can you resell your services to your current client base? 
Are you reaching out and touching them regularly via email or snail mail?  Do
you have a retainer-type plan so that they can use you when they need you?  It’s
always easier to sell something to someone who’s previously purchased from you
than to try and create a new customer.

2.  Create a primary call to
action on your site — with that primary call being capturing your visitor’s
contact info.  I’ve written an article about how to do that, 3 Must-Have Website
Features that Convert Visitors into Customers, found here:

Create joint ventures/strategic alliances with referral partners.  Ask if you
can place brochures/cards in their offices.  Submit an article to their client
newsletter.  Conduct a teleclass/program for their clients.  Attend their
meetings and speak.

Some natural referral partners I see for you
–Senior Centers/Assisted Living Centers/Home Heath Care
–Daycare Centers
–Dry Cleaners
–Local PTA
–Vets/pet grooming/pet supply stores
–Real estate agents
Associations to get to HR Managers to help them create an "employee
appreciation" program for their company and either refer you or buy gift
certificates to distribute to employees
–Children’s clothing
–Pediatrician’s Offices
–Other places where busy moms hang
–children’s dance, gymnastics, sports programs

That’s just the
tip of the iceberg.

You can also optimize your site for local searches, but given your industry, I don’t know how many people will search for you service online.  It’s still a good idea to pursue, but may not bring results as quickly. 



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