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Go Fund Me

Go Fund MeMany times I see people set up funding sites at local banks to help families recover from a house fire, an unexpected death in the family, or to raise money for medical expenses.  Recently, due to a friend’s loss of her home in a tornado, I discovered an online site where people can register a fund for raising money.

Go Fund Me makes it easy for people to raise money online for the things that matter to them most. From honeymoons to memorials and everything in between, users invite family and friends to donate to important life-events, projects and causes. Go Fund Me allows you to raise money online for just about any idea, event, project or cause your family, friends and personal contacts might believe in. Users are prohibited from violating any local laws or attempting to raise money for anything that violates Go Fund Me’s terms of service.

Every donation you receive is instantly deposited into your PayPal account. Users simply sign-up for Go Fund Me and connect your PayPal account. By connecting your PayPal account to Go Fund Me you have instant and secure access to every donation you receive. Go Fund Me will automatically deduct a 5% fee from each donation you receive. If you don’t receive any donations, then you won’t pay anything at all. Since their fee is deducted from each donation in real-time, you’ll never need to worry about getting billed or owing them any money. And, your donors are never charged any fees for donating to your fund.

Using Go Fund Me requires a “Premier” Paypal account, in which a second fee will be deducted for each donation.  So, for each donation made, you can expect roughly 8.5% to be withdrawn for Go Fund Me and Paypal fees.

Set up your Go Fund Me account here.

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