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How do I find an expert internet marketing coach?

Q:  I have a contract (which is not yet 3 days old) with a company in San Diego for coaching/marketing of my website/company. Is there available somewhere online a critique of companies that do this kind of coaching?


:  Hi Art–

There is no place that offers any type of online critique of any coaches of any kind that I’m aware of.

In terms of evaluating an Internet marketing coach’s effectiveness, here’s what I would advise:

1.  Does your coach seem to be an expert?  Does s/he offer a great deal of relevant, useful content on his/her site?

2.  Does your coach walk/his/her talk in that s/he readily implements the same strategies s/he coaches his/her clients to implement?

3.  How well-known is your coach?  Can you Google his/her name and find references to that coach all over the Internet?

4.  What does the coach’s testimonials page say?  Are the testimonials from real, live people?  Is contact info provided so that you could contact one or two and call/email them directly?

You can read more about my Internet marketing coaching here.  Let me know if I can help!

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