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How Many Trees Could a Hurricane Fell if a Hurricane Could Fell Trees?

My brother lives in the booming metropolis of Cut 'n Shoot, TX.  Yep, that's the real name — I couldn't make something like that up..LOL.   It's a small rural town just outside of Conroe, which is a bedroom suburban community outside of Houston.  He's going to kill me when he reads this, as he doesn't want anyone to know that he lives in a town with such a hillbilly name. So, while I'm revealing secrets, I'm going to go for broke.  He and my sister-in-law live on a street called Tree Monkey Road.  Are you rolling in the floor yet?  

According to his neighbors, the term "tree monkey" came about when men were hired (I'm assuming around the early part of the 1900s)  to cut the tops out of trees (lots of pine tree growth in the area) and they would swing from tree to tree, like monkeys, topping the trees,  I no longer remember why they were topping the trees, but at least it's good to know that there was a sound reason for that name once upon a time..LOL

Pine trees
Hurricane Ike paid them a visit, but they were pretty well prepared, as they had purchased a generator after Rita in 2005 and so have had almost all the comforts of home as they awaited the restoration of power to their area.  When I called them to find out how they were doing, he told me that they had lost alot of their trees.  Fortunately, most of the downed trees aren't in their front yard.  When I inquired about how many they'd lost, he replied, "I quit counting after 39."

BaDumDum. Wow.

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