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How to Add Twitter to LinkedIn

Last week LinkedIn announced it was adding Twitter to the list of applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile.  This is certainly a valuable addition that I think is long overdue! :) Now you can have Twitter update your LinkedIn status and vice versa.

To add Twitter, log into your LinkedIn account. Once you've logged in, scroll down your home page near the bottom. On the right hand side you’ll see an “Add an application” link. Click on this and you’ll see a drop down menu. Select “Tweets” and follow the instructions. It should take you less than a minute to set up.

With this new feature you can choose whether all your Tweets are sent to your LinkedIn status or only specific ones. You may want to choose the latter, if you Tweet alot about personal issues that don't relate to your business or career.  Remember that retweets, links and many of the @reply conversations on Twitter aren't really appropriate on LinkedIn. If you are updating your LinkedIn status too often because you are a heavy Twitter user you run the risk of annoying your LinkedIn network.

If you choose to limit which Tweets update your LinkedIn status, you need to add the hashtag #in or #li to any Tweets you want sent to LinkedIn. Of course, if you choose the limited setting, you have to ensure to remember to add the hashtags.  That I find annoying..LOL

You can also update Twitter from your LinkedIn profile. You can do this two ways. When you update your status you can have it sent to Twitter as well or you can actually send a Tweet from within LinkedIn and have it update Twitter. If you choose the later, your Tweet doesn’t update your LinkedIn status unless you add the hashtag.

This connectivity is really helpful for people who use one platform more than the other. So, people who Tweet frequently but don’t log into LinkedIn every day will be able maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. They won’t have their status updates showing to be days or even weeks old. 

Connect your LinkedIn account and your Twitter account and see how well this works for you.

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