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How to Automate My Business

Q:  Where do I start in the process of automating my business?
Jacqueline Jones

Hi Jacqueline–

The place I would start is with your website.  If you don't currently have a website, you should think about starting a blog.  I use and highly recommend Typepad, and you can have a blog up and running in minutes for as little as $4.95/month. The feature that makes a blog easier to manage than a website is that you don't have to learn an HTML editing program to get it up and running.  You can simply choose a template and a layout, and you're ready to begin posting.

The second piece of your business you need to automate is you online list/database management.  You'll need an autoresponder or shopping cart type program to do that.  I have 2 recommendations for that service:

1. –  This service, provided by aWeber, enables you to place list signup boxes on your website so that you can begin to grow a marketing list.  Once you've developed the list, you can then begin to send out an ezine to that list on a regular basis.

2. –  This service, provided by Kickstart Cart, is a full-featured shopping cart that also includes autoresponder and list management, affiliate program management, and ad tracking.  If you will be selling info products from your site, this may be the one you want to use for all of your business automation needs.  You can purchase this service as its most basic level, which includes the shopping cart features, and upgrade to higher levels as your needs change.

Other tools I use to automate my business can be found here on one of my sites:

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