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How to increase conversion rates

Q:  I get tons of offers to join programs but no one will sign up with me, even if it is free.

A:  Hi Valarie–

It's not easy getting people to sign up for anything any longer, even if it is free.  Enormous amounts of spam landing daily in our inboxes as well as email laden with viruses and malware have made everyone very reticent to take any unnecessary chances online.

Here's what you can do to seem more "real" and get visitors to take a chance with you:

1.  Place your name and contact info on your site.  If visitors feel as though they can reach you via a contact form or by snail mail or though a phone number, they're more likely to trust you.

2.  Place a photo of yourself on your site.  Visitors need to be able to visualize that you're a real person. Visitors don't like doing business with what appears to be a corporate entity unless it's one they already know (i.e. companies with household brand names. i.e. Johnson & Johnson, for example).

3.  Place audio or video on your site.  If visitors can hear or see you, your trust factor with them increases.

4.  Write a sales page and give a graphic representation of your free offer.  Now, you have to sell the free offer just as much as the fee-based offer.  Write some short sales copy that gives your visitor the benefits of your free offer.

I've written a more comprehensive article about how you have to move the free line (i.e. up you offering) with your giveaway here:
5 Secrets to Moving the Free Line With Your Client-Capturing Device

These tips should help increase your conversion rate.

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