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How Do I Make My Website “Sticky”?

Q: I was taking a look at my website stats. I was horrified.  I’ve gotten over 30k hits this month and they’re leaving from the blog and my home page.  No sales, no ezine subscribers, nothing. I’m doing everything that you’ve said, and I’m still shooting in the dark. Mind you, I have a SEO professional working with me, network, telemarketing, send out direct mailings, have articles posted on every FREE article site, and more.

Do you have any suggestions for other ways to make my website more "sticky" (where visitors hang out to read, visit again, subscribe to my newsletter, etc.)?


A. Hi Tracey–

I checked out your website and you are doing many things right and you certainly have a great start.  Here’s a couple of suggestions that I created in a 10-minute assessment of your site that might help you get more subscribers and more sales:

1.  I think you offer too many calls to action on your home page.  Pick one and stick with it, whether it’s the survey, the what’s new button, or subscribing to your ezine.  I would encourage you to choose the ezine, as getting your visitor’s contact info should be your primary goal.

2.  Create a graphic representation (like an ebook cover) so people’s eyes are drawn to your subscription offer.  Better yet, give something away (ebook, special report, ecourse, etc.) as a gift for subscribing.  Heather Colman does all of my covers, and you can contact her at Custom Design Covers,  Tell her I referred you!

3.  You say that you’ve published articles on free article sites, but I don’t see them on your site.  Demonstrate your expertise to your potential clients.  Most people surf the Internet seeking free information–make your site a portal for great tips on lifestyle management.

4.  The name of your blog doesn’t immediately speak "lifestyle management" to me.  Perhaps changing the name of the blog to something more readily identifiable with what you do would help, along with putting your ezine subscription button and your free offer for subscribing on the blog.

5.  What other sources of income can you generate from product sales (your products or selling the products of others)?  Offering other things than simply your services will help you begin to develop multiple profit centers for your biz. If you want more info about developing information products for your business, check out my new report, Leverage Your Expertise Online: 10 Ways Solo Enterpreneurs Can Package Their Expertise into Moneymaking Products   

6.  Client testimonials–how have you helped your clients better manage their lives?  I see one testimonial on your site — the more you have the better.  And, the testimonial needs to specifically talk about a before and after scenario so visitors can see the value you’d bring to their lives.  If you don’t have client testimonials, create case studies to demonstrate your expertise.

Let me know if you implement any of the suggestions and how things go when you do.



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