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How to Submit My Articles?

Q:  I read an article from that you created. The article "How to write articles that increase your traffic to your website" is just what I was looking for. I am interested to know where I can submit my articles to. I have a software called instant article submitter, but might not be the right tool.

Any suggestions you have please?

Thanks a lot!
Karl Smith

A:  Thanks for your question, Karl.  What I’ve observed from article submission software is that it takes almost as much time and attention to submit your articles in this way as it does to go to the article directories individually and submit your article one at a time.

I’ve found a great service that will permit you to submit 8 articles per month for a monthly fee of $37.  They submit automatically to several hundred article directories. It takes about an hour to set up your account, but once it’s setup, it takes about 10 minutes to submit your article and then you’ll usually see that the service starts to submit it within 24 hours (you start to get emails telling you that various directories have accepted your article).

I’ve been using this service for almost a year, and I’m all over the Internet and have had my articles published in some very high profile ezines. Just search "Donna Gunter" in Google and you’ll see how many articles I have out there and where the articles are located.

There are cheaper services out there, but the online scuttlebutt is that one, in particular, has been accused of spamming article directories.  As far as I can tell, the owner of my service, Steve Shaw, is honest, ethical, and runs a great service.

The service is called Submit Your Article.  Yes, I’m an affiliate, but I only recommend programs and services that I use and have gotten great benefit from.

And, to help, here’s a couple of articles I’ve written about the topic of article submission:

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