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In Cleaning Mode

My vacation didn't end up being what I'd hoped for, as Eric came down
with a bad cold, and I spent the week getting him healthy enough to
return to work.  He gets only 4 sick days per year, but if he uses
any of them, he receives a lower score on his performance evaluation. 
Consequently, when employees at his plant are ill, they either come in
sick (Eric caught his cold from a co-worker) or they make sure they go
out on short-term disability, where there's no penalty assessed on their
performance review.  I find this a very strange system, but Eric
assures me that it works better than having sick days in a shift-work
environment, where employees tend to abuse the system.  Go

I did alot of reading and finished watching
my fav Australian TV series, McLeod's Daughters, and managed to stay off
my computer, for the most part.  As you might imagine, I had lots
of email pile up, so I spent the bulk of Monday cleaning out my email
inbox and unsubscribing to many lists.  I targeted those lists
where I get emails each day from the list owner.

I can't believe how difficult it is to get
off some of those lists! The bulk of the lists permitted me to opt-out
with just one click. However, others required me to log-in to a site to update my
preferences, or to remember what email address I'd used to join the list
and enter that email address to opt-out.  Why would any business
want to hang onto people who are trapped on a list? 

How hard is it opt-out of the lists you
control?  Go through your opt-in system and make sure that it's
easy for your subscribers to remove themselves from you lists. If it
isn't, find an email marketing system that does make it easy (hint: I

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