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10 Questions to Ask Before Licensing Your Program

Once you have several products or services that are selling quite well, your customer will begin to ask if you will permit others to use your product as the basis for the training that they are doing. 

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13-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template

Once you have created an information product or a service to sell, now you have your next big job, which is creating your sales letter template. After putting together your product or service, the most

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Upselling customers to new products

Q:  I have a fairly high % of people who buy my products and services the first time they get to my website. Fairly high is about 30 – 40%. I find it weird because don’t the stats say people

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Leverage Your Expertise: Create a Fixed Term Membership Program

I first became acquainted with the term, “fixed term membership” from Internet marketing guru Jimmy Brown,  when he created his Membernaire program.  He defines a fixed-term membership site

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Create a Coaching Program for Your Multiple Streams of Income Funnel

Whether you’re a chiropractor, an exterminator, a carpet cleaner, or a professional organizer, you’re amassed a great deal of information in your field or industry.  You have two primary targets to

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