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I’ve Fired IE 7.0

After using Internet Explorer 7.0 for several months now, I’ve decided to fire it as my browser of choice and hire the Mozilla Firefox browser instead.  I’ve been wanting to do this for months, as I haven’t liked IE 7 from almost the moment I upgraded.  However, last week I discovered that one of my fav programs, RoboForm, (a software program that maintains all of my passwords and user names) and Spurl (my online bookmark service) were finally compatible with Firefox 2.0., I pressed the button to change my default browser.

Although the new IE browser had some intriguing changes, it also had some great annoyances.  One, upon installation it hid the menu bar, which took me forever to find and make it appear again, and now it doesn’t automatically refresh pages when I revisit a site — I have to do that manually.

Other than still needing to figure out how to integrate my TurboNotes program into the new browser as well as a toolbar for Adobe PDF Writer, I’ve had so many fewer problems since making the switch.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

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