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Category Archives for Just for Fun

Donna Gunter for President

Still undecided in the Nov. 2008 U.S. Presidential election?  Now you have a new candidate — me!  See my video here.

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Wedding Planned in an Hour

With less than 7 months remaining until the big W day on August 8, Eric and I had a serious discussion about our wedding plans.  We both have unpleasant memories of our first weddings

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Buying a Piece of Art

Fall has finally arrived here in SE Texas (days are in the mid-70s with low humidity and nights are in the 60s).  For some of you, that may still feel like summer weather, but it’s a great

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A Day at the Office…and a Show!

Eric, my fiancée, is a shift-worker for a local synthetic rubber manufacturing plant.  This means that when he works, he works 12-hour shifts for 4-7 nights in a row (and some days).

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

I read an article over the weekend in the Houston Chronicle about a very unique Valentine’s Day gift produced by a Canadian company,  It’s a personalized romance book starring

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