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Karen’s Directory Printer

Spring-like weather just naturally makes us want to clean, I think, and my computer needs more cleaning at this point than my house..:).  Despite the fact that Windows XP has improved the way you can view your folders and files, it still doesn’t permit you to print out a directory listing of all the files on your computer! I’ve got files and folders on my computer that were installed years ago and I no longer have any idea what they are. Wouldn’t it be great if you could run a small program to do this for you? 

Karen Kenworthy has written just such a utility…She calls it "Karen’s Directory Printer" and it does just that, it will print out a complete directory listing for you.  I also have Adobe PDF writer, so I print my directory listing to a PDF file rather than my inkjet printer, as it’s over 2000 pages long..Yikes!

Visit Karen’s site to download your free copy.

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