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Category Archives for Marketing for Introverts

Video Marketing Tips: Get More Clients with Screencast Videos

Even though videos are one of the hottest Internet marketing strategies today and video marketing tips can be found everywhere, I have been very slow to jump on the video marketing bandwagon. Why?  Because

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Do You Use Your Introversion as An Excuse for Not Marketing Yourself?

I’ve often been complimented on my ability to be  fearless.  No, I’ve never skydived from a plane or bungee-jumped from a bridge, but I have taken chances and risks in my life that friends told me

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6 Proven Strategies Helping Introverts Easily and Effortlessly Market Themselves

“I hate to market myself” is a very common complaint I hear from many of my clients. Some are introverts, who are naturally averse to self-promotion, while others just don’t realize that they also

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Internet Marketing for Introverts: Use Your Gifts to Attract All the Clients You Need

When I began to market my business online, I just started to do things that were pretty natural to me.  I’m a great teacher, so I held teleclasses, and I’m also a great writer and researcher, so

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