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5 Ways to Use QR Codes to Increase Your Online Visibility

You may have seen some funky looking symbols recently in newspapers, flyers, magazines, or on products. Most of us here in the U.S. have no idea what they are or what to do with them, but I see that the

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Mobile Marketing: 5 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Get More Clients Online

Today, there are three items that people bring with them when they leave home:  their keys, their wallet (purse) and their cell phones. However, because businesses (like Starbucks) are permitting patrons

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Discover How to Profit From Mobile Marketing

I can’t say enough good things about the mobile marketing course I’m taking now, Mobile Success Formula, with Dan Hollings. I’m getting an MBA in mobile marketing, and love the marketing

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I’ve been seeing what I’ve referred to as “mystery graphics” in various magazines and on various products, but never knew what they were called. Now that I’m taking a

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Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Will Increase Your Profits in 2011

Now that I’ve finally gotten a Smartphone, I feel as though I’ve joined the 21st century, techologically speaking, at least, and can begin to engage in the mobile marketing sent to me by businesses

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