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Morning Coffee

Morning CoffeeRather than reading a physical copy of the morning paper (my husband snags our copy to take to work), I take my morning coffee (or rather, my Diet Dr. Pepper) to my desktop computer and read the online editions of the paper there. I routinely head for People Magazine (guilty pleasure), followed by the Beaumont Enterprise and the Houston Chronicle, and then on to work sites like Even though I know the URLs for these sites, I recently found a cool tool that will let me open all of these at once.

A free Firefox add-on, Morning Coffee instantly loads those and other favorites in their own tabs, very similar to sections of a newspaper. After installing this add-on, you’ll see a coffee-cup icon to the left of your Firefox address bar. Adding a site to your Morning Coffee is simple. Just go to a site that you want to add, click the down arrow next to the coffee cup, and then click “Add to my Morning Coffee.”

You can designate which days of the week (or just the weekend) when you want to open these favorites, or you can designate different favorites for different days of the week. To change your choices or display order, simply click that same down arrow and choose “Configure Morning Coffee.”

Find your morning favorites here.

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