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Need Answers to Tax Questions

Q:  Although I’m planning to hire an accountant soon to do taxes for next year, I had figured that I’d just do them myself for the first year in business. This has proven a bit challenging as neither the IRS Publications and the tax software I’m using have the answers to some of the questions I have. They also don’t write in wording that’s easy for me to understand. Do you have any recommendations for people or online websites who may be able to help? Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate all you do.

Beth Earle

A:  Hi Beth–

I do know several accountants, but they won’t answer questions unless you’re a client, especially at this time of the year. :)

I found this place online —  I don’t know anything about it, but it seems to be what you’re seeking.

There’s a woman who sends out a tax-related ezine — June Walker, .  She might be willing to answer a question for you.

If you’re using something like Turbotax, they offer to answer questions here:

Turbotax is also apparently answering questions via Twitter:

Hope that helps!


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