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Niche Marketing in Religion

I’m always telling my clients that the best way to grow their business is to decide to niche themselves, or work with a particular market segment, i.e. coaches who work exclusively with dentists, virtual assistants who work exclusively with real estate agents, web designers who work exclusively with chiropractors, etc. By choosing a niche market and dedicating your efforts toward serving the needs of that market, you soon become the "expert" in serving that market.  Consequently, when someone in that market has a problem that you can solve, your name comes to mind first.

I was watching "The Early Show" on CBS this morning and heard about a phenomenon that is taking the religious world by fire.  Churches that are based on the interests/hobbies of members are growing like wildfire around the country.  I first heard of this movement from good friend and web designer, Todd Fogal,, who designed a website for Cowboy Church on the Rock in Winnie, TX,

Cowboy_church This church encourages each member to tap into his/her "inner cowboy".  The members come to church in their boots and hats and jeans, and riding horses plays a central role in the ministry.  Many similar churches hold services in a rodeo arena, incorporate horse riding into the service, and their music has a distinctly country/western twang.

I had no idea that this notion was so widespread until "The Early Show" did a story on the cowboy churches, and also noted that there’s a punk rock church in New York City, and a motorcycle biker’s church in Georgia.

Larger churches and religious entities are some of the best marketers around.  Isn’t it time you found your marketing niche for your business?  If you currently serve a marketing niche, let me know what you do and what segment of the market you serve in the comment section for this post.

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