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Note from Donna: Defiance of the Pantry Princess

My fiancé, Eric, often marvels at my Rainman-like abilities to do 2 things:

1.  watch the character actors on a TV show or movie and be able to identify them with their real name and some of the shows on which they previously starred.  I just saw part of the 1976 version of King Kong and spotted a very young Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star Trek Deep Space 9, Paul Lewiston of Boston Legal, among others) playing a bit role.

2.  remember exactly what foodstuffs we have stored in the pantry and the freezer.  I told him that most women remember this, as we usually plan the menus, create a grocery list, buy the groceries, put them away, and cook the meals.  So much time alone with your groceries gives you a deep, intimate knowledge of your foodstuffs..;->

We were at Sam’s Club on Saturday (for those of you outside the U.S., Sam’s, part of the Wal-Mart chain, is a big warehouse-type store that sells merchandise in bulk, from gallon jugs of salsa to cases of toilet paper to packages of 15 office binders) and Eric exclaimed over finding this special raisin bread he loves.  Since I have the pantry list in my head, I knew that we already had a loaf of that bread in the freezer from a recent trip to Sam’s.

Eric kept saying that we had another type of bread that he loved instead in the freezer, and that we needed to buy these loaves.

Long story short, we continued to go back and forth about this issue for the next 5 minutes (can you tell we’re both firstborns who are used to getting our way?), much to the amusement of our fellow shoppers.  Finally, to settle things, I told Eric I’d bet him $100 that we did already have that bread in the freezer at home.  Eric began to falter and started to return the bread, so of course, I had to get in one last smart-aleck remark.

That was it for Eric.  He made the bet.  I continued to tease him the rest of the time we were there, as well as on the way home, about what I’d use the $100 to buy.  I reminded him that he should know better than to defy the Pantry Princess, and he continued to insist that he was right.  Sidenote:  I’m not a betting gal, so I NEVER make a bet unless I’m 100% positive I’m going to win.  He knows this, and should really know better than to take on the Raingirl..;->

We arrive home, and Eric went inside to open the garage door so we could unload my car.  I asked him what he found in the freezer, which is in the garage, and he acted completely innocent, saying that he hadn’t yet checked.  "Yeah, right," I thought.  He had taken much too long to open the garage door.

So, I went to the freezer and looked for the loaf of bread — it was no where to be found!  Then it occurred to me that Mr. Eric McCheater had taken and hidden it, as he had this funny smirk on his face when I accused him of stashing the loaf.

He finally ‘fessed up and pulled the $100 out of his wallet, saying that I had won, but he wanted to torture me a bit by "disappearing" the bread because he was annoyed that I was right.  I told him to keep his money — I wanted to see the loaf of bread and gloat.  By hiding the bread, he had robbed me of my hard-earned gloating rights, and that was worth so much more than $100! LOLOL  BTW, he still hasn’t divulged the hiding place.

So, since I couldn’t do it earlier, I’m now doing my gloating dance.  Don’t mess with the Pantry Princess! <g>

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Donna Gunter, Online Business Resource Queen (TM) and Online Business Coach/Manager

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