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Note from Donna: Tradeshow Lessons Learned

My exhibit at last week's OIVAC virtual conference was a lukewarm experience, to say the least.  I did gain a handful of new readers from the experience, and the workshop I attended was very informative.  However, what I realized is that I made completely the wrong offer to the attendees.  I should have offered something free or low-cost instead of the special package deal that I devised.  Sigh.  You live and you learn.;->  On the upside, however, I think I at least became familiar to a whole new group of people so that perhaps they might recognize my company logo in the future.

On more positive notes, my niece Sarah will be graduating from high school in the top 10% of her class next week.  She's been accepted to St. Thomas University in Houston and has received a pretty substantial scholarship. Yeah, Sarah! And, Eric is about to become an uncle for the first time.  His sister has gone into labor with her son, and so we should hear any hour now about the delivery of his new nephew.

I'm taking a week of vacation next week to celebrate my birthday, so you won't receive another issue of this ezine until June.  However, I've got a special birthday sale that I'll be announcing on Monday, so stay tuned!

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