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Note from Donna: You Might Be a Redneck If…

Note:    You Must Be a Redneck If…..

Eric and I visited the Orange County Courthouse on Monday to get our marriage license.  The big day is only about 3 weeks away now!  Two interesting things I learned in this process:

1.  You have to show only 1 form of identification to get a marriage license in Texas.  However, the City of Orange Public Library requires 2 forms of ID to even think about getting a library card.  What gives here?  Come on, now — shouldn’t it be much harder to get married than to check out a library book? Guess this speaks volumes about marriage and education in this state..LOL

2.  We had to answer a series of questions for the license, one of which was whether we were related to each other in any way….  Geez, only in Texas would that question be asked, or maybe it’s anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I asked the clerk which relatives could marry in Texas, and she thought it was second cousins and beyond, but she’d have to check.  However, first cousins were definitely out, as were brothers and sisters.  Good to know..LOL

I told Eric that he was safe and I couldn’t be related to him because he wasn’t born in my hometown of Jasper, where I can call almost everyone a relative (that’s what happens when your mother is one of 10 kids). He told me that when we visit Jasper, it’s like playing the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only it’s One Degree of Donna Gunter, because he’d only have to talk to one person to find a connection to me since I do seem to be related to everyone…..Perhaps it would be more fun to find someone I’m NOT related to..lOL

Small town Texas life — gotta love it! ;->

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