Clarifying Your Offerings for Bigger Profits

Imagine two stores sitting side-by-side in a popular shopping mall. One is your go-to shop for just about everything. They sell garden tools, candy bars, T-shirts, car parts and baby bottles. The other is more exclusive. In fact, the only thing they sell is chocolate. Belgian chocolate, Swiss chocolate, dark and milk chocolate, chocolate covered […]

You Are Your Brand

Here’s secret successful marketers know: customers don’t buy a product. They buy you. Your personality. Your experience. The unique qualities only you possess. Your story. Your expertise. There was a time when branding meant a corporate-looking logo and a slick catalog, but in today’s marketplace, the real value is not in appearing to be a […]

How to Create a Mastermind Group

how to start a mastermind group

To create a mastermind group, you need to give some thought to a number of issues involved in the creation process. Mastermind groups are nothing new. In fact, Napoleon Hill writes about them in his classic, “Think and Grow Rich”, in which he defines “Master Mind” as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a […]

7 Steps to Use Client Video Testimonials to Amplify Your Authority

Video testimonials from clients are a powerful way to add credibility to your business. Written testimonials are nice, as well, but with video now taking center stage in online marketing, your visitors would prefer to see and hear your client testimonials. Given that so many people have either webcams or smart phones with video capability […]