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Pinterest for Business: How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Pinterest for Business: How to Use Pinterest to Build Your BrandI’ve been watching the use of Pinterest for business for several months, trying to determine if it was worthwhile to join in.

Pinterest is a relatively new online social networking platform where businesses and people create and maintain digital scrapbooks, or as Pinterest calls them, pin boards, containing images and videos that can be linked and shared by other users. In simple terms, Pinterest is a community of potential shoppers who are visually oriented. When people become members of Pinterest and re-pin images of products or services, they are essentially sharing content with every other Pinterest member that follows them on their own pin boards.

Each image on Pinterest that gets pinned is usually attached to a specific URL. So if someone clicks on the image (pin), it normally opens a new window or tab, directing them to the actual source of that particular image or content. This is one of the best features in Pinterest as it helps to drive traffic to web sites. With your individual/business profile, you can create numerous boards, so there is no limits to the number of backlinks you can create back to your web site.

Below are 7 strategies for getting started using Pinterest for business to build your brand:

1. Apply for an account and create profile: This is the first step in getting started with Pinterest for business. You have to submit your application request to get an account. Once you have been accepted, you need to complete your profile and link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Linking to your other social media accounts is beneficial when setting up your account because it easily integrates with all your online contacts, making it easy to connect with them.

2. Create pin boards: Once you have applied for an account and joined the Pinterest community, it is now time to create pin boards. When creating your pin boards for business it is very important to consider the interests of your target audience. Create multiple boards that have various themes such as event photos, featured products, products that you like, client success stories, etc.

To get ideas of what your business board should look like, browse around to see what other businesses have done with their boards. You can do this by searching using keywords to find the exact kinds of boards related to your business or topic of interest. After you have created your board, you can then name them with keyword-rich titles to help users find your content.

3. Download accessories: Once you have your boards in order, it is important to add accessories that make it easy for you to share content. An example of such accessories is the Pin It button. You should download and add the button to the toolbar of your web browser and to your web site and/or blog. This will ensure that you have an easier time pinning any interesting content to your boards.

4. Start pinning. Once all useful accessories/buttons are in place, you can start pinning content. One great benefit of pinning content is that pinning creates automatic links which go back to the source of the pinned content. For instance, if you pin a certain product you are selling from your site or any other site like Amazon, the link gets added back to the original source.

5. Build your audience: Once you start pining, the next step is to build you audience. This is a critical step that requires strategy. At this stage, you can choose to promote your business presence using other social networks such as twitter and Facebook to periodically share links to your boards. The best way to build a steady audience is to integrate your Pinterest account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to allow you to automatically share new pins. It is important at this stage to make sure that you do not over share content about your business as it can annoy your followers. You should also add a link from your web site to your Pinterest profile.

6. Engage on Pinterest: It takes more than creating a business profile and building an audience to successfully use Pinterest for business. You should also strive to engage your followers and dedicate some time every week to visit Pinterest boards to update content and share. This is important because the more you participate, the better the results.

7. Be creative: Creativity is important as it helps you diversify your promotion strategies. For instance, don’t just focus on just selling your products/services. Instead, make sure that you include valuable and rich content for your target audience, as well.

Pinterest is the third most popular social network as of this writing, so it looks as though it will have some staying power. Get started with Pinterest for business by following these seven steps and start to build your brand on this new platform.

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  • I LOVE Pinterest, Donna! Using keywords on pin board and adding articles have been really helpful to me. Plus, I use them as vision boards and dreams for places I’s like to go and and how I would like to design a room in my home. I think it’s a quick and easy way to connect in social media. Thanks!

  • Brandi Kae says:

    LOVE Pinterest. Great strategies for any business wanting to use Pinterest for business. And just like any social media/networking site you must engage and Pinterest is no exception. Thanks, Donna!

  • Love me some Pinterest! I don’t use it much for business…yet. These tips will help me get started using it for business. I find so many things on Pinterest that I would have never found otherwise.

  • suepainter1 says:

    I am still a fairly new Pinterest users, but I can see the steam behind it and have gotten attention to my blog using Pinterest.  Thanks for these suggestions.

  • sarahjones6754843 says:

    Though I have several websites, I have been a late starter on social websites. Have to admit it is intimidating. Lots to catch up with, and now Pinterest. Thank you for all this information about Pinterest. Going to re-read it and be guided by it.

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