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How long does it take to get clients?

Q:  How long does it take to get clients?  How long did it take you to generate enough money to live off of?


A:  Hi Denise!  The answer to this isn't as easy as you might think.  It depends on what you're selling (service vs product), how you're selling it (retail vs online vs direct sales), and how much marketing you're willing to do.  Generally, a service based business run out of the home with low overhead can start making money within 4 months, if you've done the proper marketing groundwork (i.e. know your target market, where they hang out, what they need).  Retail businesses or service firms with larger overhead generally take 3-5 years to be profitable.  If you're an online affiliate marketer (selling other people's products), you can start to make money almost immediately if you have a good list or have a good understanding of how to reach your target market and a marketing plan in place.  The same goes true for someone in direct sales (MLM companies).

In terms of my own experience, I started making money in about 6 months after launch and by the end of my first year, was living exclusively (yet pretty frugally) off the proceeds of my virtual assistant practice.  By year 2, my income doubled, and has been steadily increasing since that point.

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