Rave Reviews

Donna’s open and patient coaching style was perfect for me, and I found it easy to find the direction I wanted to go in with my business after just a few sessions. Donna is an invaluable consultant for business owners looking to learn a lot of online information quickly. Her passion, energy, great sense of humor, and effort to go above and beyond are refreshing.

Dianne Chiasson President Chiasson Consultants February 21, 2015

Coaching by e-mail has helped me laser in on my questions, see the bigger picture of my business and has given me the resources I need to get the job done. Donna is a treasure trove of knowledge and resources and freely shares what she knows in this program.

Ann Leach Grief Coach https://www.LifePreserversGriefSupport.com February 21, 2015

Donna played a significant part in helping me to enhance my visibility. She has been willing to go above and beyond, where needed, to ensure a successful outcome. She not only gives good advice, but has exposed me to tools and techniques that have given me a much more professional looking presence.​

Raymond Gordon President Cybertary Atlanta February 21, 2015

In just a week, FlorUnique was all over the Internet! I actually know now what to do next. Her knowledge and availability to answer my questions provides me with great comfort – in lingo that even a novice such myself can understand!

Winnie Van Heerden Special Event and Wedding Florist https://www.FlorUnique.com February 21, 2015

Since becoming a best-selling author, my credibility has increased tremendously. I had a wonderful experience working with you. You did all that you said you would and more. I truly appreciate the communication via the Facebook group and I felt that you were genuinely pulling for us as a group to be successful. I can’t think of a single way the process could have been any easier.

Summer Alexander Professional Speaker on Mindset, Money & Marketing https://www.MarketingMoneyMindset.com January 3, 2015

I have been following Donna’s sage advice for years! She always gets to the “heart” of the topic rather than talking “fluff” as so many bloggers do. She has an incredible service that will catapult you to the top of your field if you follow her advice, tips and let her do some of the work. Donna spends so much time and energy on her clients, it’s very clear she follows her passion!Thanks again Donna!

Audra Slinkey Fortune 500 Internet Marketing Consultant https://www.HomeStagingResource.com and https://www.TrulyBranded.com January 3, 2015

Donna and I have worked together on projects on and off for several years, and with each passing year, I continue to receive tremendous value from everything she does for me. She recently connected me to a group of savvy, entrepreneurial women and we co-wrote a Kindle book. Donna managed the entire process; all we had to do was create our content for the book and promote it to our network. On launch day we set several sales records on the Amazon Best Seller Lists, and it created a buzz among my social media followers. Thanks to Donna I can now call myself and Amazon Best Selling Author!”

Jean Hanson Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant https://www.MarketingSystemsByDesign.com January 3, 2015

Donna, I couldn’t have been happier with the process and you! Not only was my personal press release picked up by many, but you made the book collaboration a breeze, and   completely went over and beyond the call of duty. Donna did such a fabulous job she is now working with one of my Elite Empowerment 4u! 1-1 coaching clients! Thanks Donna for helping all of us succeed!

Debra Larson Transformational Wealth & Marketing Coach https://www.DebraLarson.com January 3, 2015

Donna Gunter invited experts of certain areas of business to be a part of a book compilation. I decided to share my knowledge of creating an authority website and found the experience to be simple and enjoyable. Donna was a true professional throughout, and knows how to create a bestseller quickly.

Robert Nahas President https://www.WriterServices.net January 3, 2015

I participated in the book by writing a chapter. I would like to use it to attract speaking engagements and garner new clients so I know it will eventually be to my advantage.  I feel honored to have been allowed to contribute it.

Monica McPherrin Founder https://www.M2MediaManagement.com January 3, 2015

This was the easiest, yet most rewarding experience in becoming a Kindle best-selling author. I was able to focus on my passion – writing, and you did all the work to make the book become a reality. It was seamless! I would definitely use your services again and would recommend it for anyone wanting to become a best-selling author in a short amount of time.

Roz Walker Founder https://www.ServeToSell.com January 3, 2015

Donna really knows how get powerful results. I worked with her as a co-author on the Biz Smart Quick Guide: 10 Strategies to Online Visibility for More Traffic, Clicks and Profit! She  made the entire process a joy. She provided terrific insight, ideas, and proven methods for making the book a number one bestseller. Having a number one best seller under my belt has already made a huge difference in my business. I’d jump at the chance to work with her again.

Shonda Taylor Founder https://www.ImplementandInspire.com January 3, 2015

The process worked great for me having someone else manage it! Was exciting to be led thru it step by step. It felt like magic watching it unfold as we sent our email out, orders came in, rankings went up, media picked up on the success. The energy continues as I am running into people in person who saw the release and the updates on social media. I think being a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author is like many things in business today where it is that extra arrow in your quiver that allows you to stand out…..just like having a book does. There has been nothing that has impacted my consulting business more in 20 years than becoming an author. Having published 2 books, Field Guide To Sales, I Need To Get A Job Now,  12 workbooks for Field Guide To Sales and now Biz Smart Quick Guide, I believe that there is a perception by others that you are an expert and are actively engaged in keeping your business current.

Debbie Mrazek President https://www.TheSalesCompan.com January 3, 2015

Donna had the vision for this project and made it easy to participate as a contributing author.  The results speak for themselves — we are all Amazon Best-Selling authors in not just 1, but 3 categories! Another benefit? We’re enjoying the additional visibility and exposure Donna generated sharing our news through multiple media outlets.

Kelly Galea President http;//KellyGalea.com January 3, 2015

As many of us do, I’ve always wanted to be a published author. And now, with the help of Donna Gunter, I am not only published but am an Amazon Best Selling Author and have been “seen on” CNN AND it couldn’t have been easier! My journey was made super, simple by Donna’s 30 Day Authority Program, which guided me through the entire process, and took care of all the back end technology and publicity. I cannot be more excited and pleased!

Shelley Webb Founder https://www.OnTheWebbSocialMedia.com January 3, 2015