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Did They Read It?

Ever wonder if someone really received your email?  Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re trying to communicate with someone by email and they don’t respond.  And, I hate that little gizmo that shows up when you receive an email from Outlook that asks you to acknowledge receipt of the email.  Now, you can track the status of your emails with no heavy lifting involved.

With,  you no longer have to wonder, “Did they read it?”  Using DidTheyReadIt is remarkably easy. All it takes is 2 simple steps. DidTheyReadIt is 100% compatible with Windows and Mac, and all different email clients.

The first step is to sign up for a DidTheyReadIt account.  Then all you need to do is add “” to the end of the recipient’s email address. For example, if you were sending an email to you’d just send it to instead, and your email will be tracked.  However, would not see that you added to her email address.

DidTheyReadIt is much more powerful from standard “return receipts” that Outlook offers. It differs from standard read-receipts because it works regardless of the email program being used by the recipient. Standard read-receipts don’t work if someone views your email in web-based email programs like Hotmail or Yahoo!, and some desktop email programs can’t process them either. Even when an email program does support them, a lot of times they are ignored by the recipient. Also, the recipient knows that your email is being tracked. DidTheyReadIt works automatically, without alerting the recipient that the email is being tracked.

When the recipient gets the email, it looks the same as any other email that you send them. The instant they read the message, you will get an email telling you that your message was read. It will contain the following information:

  • When the message was read.
  • Where (geographically—approximately) the message was read.

When they have finished reading the message, you will receive a more detailed report, which will also indicate how long they read the message for. Each time the message is re-opened, even by a different person, you will be alerted. This means that if the recipient forwards your message, you will know. (You’ll even know where the recipient is located, geographically).

The basic version of DidTheyReadIt is free, but is limited to 10 messages. If you want to continue using after this, you can buy a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly subscription.

Find out if your emails are being read here.

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