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Rested and Relaxed from Vacation

I’ve taken a bit over a week off from my business, and quite frankly, it wasn’t enough time…:).  I didn’t do anything terribly exciting except cook (after our Christmas Eve get-together, I’ve sworn off cooking until at least March! <g>), and eat, sleep, read 4 books, and watch movies.  My mom dropped by for a visit, and one of my fiancé Eric’s overtime days was canceled, so we had some unexpected weekend time together.  New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day came and went quietly, as Eric was working both days.  It was just nice to be at home and simply be, without having to worry about following a schedule or being anywhere or doing anything particular on any day.

I think I was long overdue for this, and need to work more vacation into my schedule for 2008! :)

Eric and I have settled on a wedding date — Aug. 8, 2008. I don’t have other details at this point, except that Eric REALLY wants to get married in Las Vegas, with him dressed as Elvis and me dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars.  I might be able to stomach Vegas, but don’t want to do the Princess Leia look with honeybuns in my hair…<g>

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