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Scarcity, Abundance, or Neither?

Robert Middleton has expertly hit a home run in his latest blog post, Scarcity or Abundance?  Neither!  I love what he had to say about finding the middle ground which he calls "contribution."

Here's what I said in response to his article:

"Thanks for hitting the nail on the head! I know from experience that
scarcity doesn't work, and while the abundance mode seems exciting,
there was always a downside for me.

As I would put myself in the shoes of other online entrepreneurs who
regularly regale others with tales of their Internet wealth — the
expensive houses, the fancy cars, the luxurious trips, and numerous
other 'toy' purchases — I simply got tired.

I've lived the life maintaining the big house and lots of 'stuff,' and I find it pretty exhausting.

Of course, my attitude about abundance and how it's defined in the
world makes it pretty tough for me to market competitively with others
who teach Internet marketing. I really don't want to cater to the
mentality of the bazillions of dollars you can make and all the junk
you can accumulate. When I see others talking about how rich they are
(i.e. how much stuff they have), I have to wonder how much time,
effort, and energy it takes to maintain all of that? Or the biz owner
who's making 7 figures but has a team of 10 assistants/associates to
make that happen?

I'm all for the simple life and finding 'wealth' (contribution) on
your own terms. Perhaps I'm lazy, but I like a pretty uncomplicated

Perhaps that's why I've always fought the "abundant visualizations" theories because it just seemed counter intuitive — to wish for more, greater, bigger things that I've got to work harder and harder to maintain.

Or, perhaps, as one of Robert's readers notes, I need to redefine abundance.

What's abundance mean to you?


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